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Performance Strength Training

You are literally only as strong as the forces you oppose - the ground, carrying a backpack, etc!  This is why strength training is so important to the development of speed, power, and endurance.  Strength and conditioning is the foundation in sports that enables you to unlock physical potential, maximize ability, reduce risk of injury, and develop your total athlete - champions are built in the weight room!

The Flyers have partnered with the knowledgeable coaches at Ultimate Athlete Training Group to bring you a powerhouse Strength & Conditioning program!  Average squat gains are 10lbs a week and 5+ lbs a week bench...done safely and effectively.  These incredible gains allow your body to recruit more muscle during sport transforming you into a highly effective athlete.  We do performance strength, not power competition lifting, and athletes in our strength program can't say enough about the benefits our training style delivers.  Individuals in our program have gone from average play on the field to prominent college recruits, mid-level times on the track to top in the state and nation, vertical jump increases from under 24" to 50"+, and more!  Their words coming soon!

Performance strength is a defined style of training to maximize power, speed, endurance, and enhance athletic performance.  Athletes will see rapid improvement with our program through:

  • Noticeable strength gains within 2-3 weeks

  • Increased speed

  • Improved endurance & stamina

  • More explosive power

  • Better coordination

  • Quicker reaction times

  • Stronger muscle and joint resilience

  • Increased bone density

  • Little to no injury during sport

We deliver this using proper technique and age-appropriate methods and modalities within our specialized training plans.  Correct form and mechanics are emphasized to promote safety and proper development.  Our qualified instructors and UA's Director of Strength and Conditioning oversee all training plans and participants.  The high-quality instruction offered by PFTC and Ultimate Athlete is a great way to maximize your total athlete and enhance the competitive edge in all sports and activities!

Continue below for details specific to each session semester, or go directly to registration here:




Winter/Spring Session:  January through May

Summer Session:  June through August

Fall Session:  September through December

School Year Training Schedule/Locations:

Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday excluding holidays and facility closures 

Times: Weekdays 6:00-7:00 pm (lifting session only)

    Makeup sessions for facility closures 10:00-11:00 am Saturdays 

Location: Lindbergh Center, Minnetonka, MN

Summer Training Schedule/Locations*:

Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday excluding holidays and facility closures 

Times: 10:00-11:00am

Location: Lindbergh Center, Minnetonka, MN

*Due to annual facility closure for 3 weeks in July, we offer plans for you to use at another facility and meet at the St. Louis Park HS track to do modified training.

Availability (no prior experience necessary)

Junior and Senior High Ages 4 days/wk​ 

Ages 3rd -5th Grade 2-4 days/wk (at these ages we introduce the basics of strength training and how it applies to fitness and athletics.)

Strength training should always continue while in season!!  Specific adjustments are necessary, but your muscles need you to keep training...you're only as strong as your strength!  Your body recruits and activates muscle according to demand hence the reason you get stronger in strength training; repeated resistance demands muscles activate so more muscle is recruited to reverse the weight.  Because they're trained to be recruited, your body will automatically use additional muscle when in action.  Your muscles will stay tuned to this recruit and activation frequency for a few days and begin to revert back to the demands of current resistance (ex: the forces of running, hitting, jumping...) if not re-activated through greater resistance.  This is why it's important to continue training in season.  If you are participating in a seasonal sport or another strength/fitness program at the same time as our program, please inform our coaches so we can make any necessary adjustments.



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