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Minnesota Flyers Booster Club

The Minnesota Flyers Track & Field Club (“MNF”) is a non-profit organization whose members dedicate themselves to providing athletic training, academic resources, and nutritional support to over 150 student-athletes from a large socio, cultural, and economic demographic every year.  Research has made clear that students who are involved in athletic activities make healthier lifestyle choices, build memories and friendships that last a lifetime, enjoy their scholastic experience more, increase their chances for post-secondary successes, and are better prepared to meet the challenges of adult life.  Our program is deeply rooted in our Core Values and has the ultimate goal of building well-rounded student-athletes and socially conscious, caring citizens who are successful in every facet of their current and future lives.

Building and maintaining a perennially competitive team takes time, dedication, passion, and community support.  This year we are pleased to announce that, for the first time, we are inviting community members to support our athletes, mission, coaches and staff by joining our newly-established Minnesota Flyers Booster Club!

Your one-time tax-deductible donation will allow us to provide valuable services that support the entire program including:

  • Uniforms and shoes
  • Necessary equipment
  • Additional coaches and coach training
  • Food and nutritional support
  • Tutoring and educational assistnace
  • Banquet and team bonding activities
  • Updated technology
  • Athlete scholarships

The Club consists of six tiers.  The following outlines the different levels of giving, and the special ‘thank you’ perks boosters receive:  

Flyers Club

$50 - limited to 75 members

Team decal

Recognition on our website


Bronze Club

$100 - limited to 50 members

Flyers Club benefits

Minnesota Flyers tote


Silver Club

$250 - limited to 25 members

Flyers and Bronze Club benefits

Minnesota Flyers performance t-shirt

Recognition on banner


Gold Club

$500 - limited to 10 members

Flyers, Bronze, and Silver Club benefits

Minnesota Flyers embroidered polo or 1/4 zip

Placement on website carousel & volunteer deposit waived


Platinum Club

$750 - limited to 10 members

Flyers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Club benefits

Highlighted placement on carousel and banner

Minnesota Flyers embroidered boonie, bucket, or golf hat & insulated tumbler


Olympic Club

$1,000 and over - limited to 5 members

Flyers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Club benefits

Premiere placement on carousel and banner

Minnesota Flyers embroidered backpack


If paying via Venmo, please note in the "what's this for?" section: Booster Club and add the first and last names of those you want recognized. If you prefer to pay via check, please send it to: Minnesota Flyers Booster Club, PO Box 62451, St. Louis Park, MN, 55426.

On behalf of all at the Minnesota Flyers organization, thank you for your support!!

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