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Board of Directors

2021/2022 Board of Directors

Minnesota Flyers Track and Field, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  The Board of Directors holds monthly meetings that are open to the public with an annual meeting held in August.  Click name to email members of the BOD.

President Shantel Schmale

Vice President James Ferrell

Treasurer Derek Schmale

Secretary Open

Directors Brendon Snyders, Calista Snyders, Curt Harder, Jen Schomaker, Keysha McClellon, Michelle Heilman

Coaches Committee Chair Kelly Snyders

Program Administrator Calista Snyders

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

All meetings are currently held virtually but remain open to the public.  If you would like to join a meeting, please send your request HERE.  Thank you! 

Request meeting minutes

Coaching Staff & Positions


Kelly Snyders, Head Coach & Founder

Calista Snyders, Co-Head Coach

Brendon Snyders, Co-Head Coach

Head Coach
Nolyn Snyders, USATF National Junior Olympic Multi Athlete

Jen Schomaker, Lead

Natalie Doornink

Aaron Hill

Jackson Thoe, USATF National Junior Olympic 800m Finalist

Ethan May, Lead

Collins Mokuah

Ellen McDaniel

George Jackson, USATF Region 8 110H & 400H Champion, NBI/NBO Champion

Brendon Snyders, Lead Coach Pole Vault

Kaylee Fisher, Lead Coach Long and Triple Jump

Dan Sobiech, Long Jump

Derek Fisher, Triple Jump

Derek Schmale, Long Jump

Wyatt Schmale, USATF National Junior Olympic Long Jump Bronze Medalist

Jon Rummels, Lead

Kaylee Fisher

Keysha McClellon

Dan Murphy

Seth Johnson

Aaron Hill

Sprints & Relays
Zeke Clark, USATF 100m, 200m, & 4x100m Champion, NBI/NBO Qualifier

Calista Snyders, Lead Coach All Throws

James Ferrell, Lead Coach Javelin

Brendon Snyders, Javelin

Devin Snyders, All Throws

Calista Snyders, USATF Multi-year National Qualifier Shot, Disc, Hammer, & Javelin

Each event is led individually by coaches from the event areas above

Calder Erick, USATF National Qualifier Decathlon & Multi-year Champion Open Events

Kelly Snyders, Director

Calista Snyders

Devin Snyders

Performance Strength
Maddie Tadewald, USATF Multi-year National Qualifier - Squat Max 410 lbs

General & Team Managers


Michelle Heilman, General Manager

LaTrice Woods, Team Manager

Kate Ruhland, Team Manager

Tracey Rummels aka. "Team Mom", Team Manager



Genevieve Larson, Class of 2023 - Mid-Distance/Distance

Vivienne Larson, Class of 2023 - Mid-Distance/Distance

Kennedy Martinson, Class of 2023 - Pole Vault, Hurdles, Relays

Tyler Beaton, Class of 2023 - Long Sprints, Relays

Jenny Heilman, Class of 2024 - Short Sprints, Relays, Javelin

Ronan Lander, Class of 2024 - Mid-Distance/Distance

Thomas Madrid, Class of 2024 - Mid-Distance/Distance

Tobias Williams, Class of 2024 - Short Sprints, Relays, Long Jump

Noah Johnson, Class of 2026 - Sprints, Relays, Long Jump

Nolyn Snyders, Class of 2026 - Multis, Sprints, Relays, Hurdles, Pole Vault, Triple Jump

Ophelia Schomaker, Class of 2028 - Multis, Mid-Distance

Wyatt Schmale, Junior Captain Class of 2029 - Multis, Sprints, Relays, Jumps

London Harder, Junior Captain Class of 2029 - Sprints, Relays, Jumps

Savannah Sincheff, Junior Captain Class of 2029 - Sprints, Relays, Long Jump

Our captain criteria is stringent, especially since captains are also junior directors on our Board of Directors and help with team rules, policy creation and implementation, and operate as overall liaisons between Flyers athletes and staff.  Captains need to embody the student-athlete role, be positive influences, strongly mentor younger teammates, lead the team with dedication and enthusiasm, and be the essence of what makes us unique - what makes us FLY.  It is a tribute to the character of the athletes in our program that every individual on our leadership council DESERVES to be there.  We are fortunate to have so many positive leaders and role models!  It's with pride we share the above individuals as this year's team captains and junior board members! 

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