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(details updated seasonally prior to registration opening)

Youth Fall Training

Interested in continuing your fitness and track and field skill progression? Join our fall training session!

Our fall training program is designed for athletes to continue their skill, power, and speed development. This is generally a non-competitive season and focuses on overall fitness and progression in track and field as well as other sports. Training concentrates on base continuance for all sprint and mid-distance events, but distance runners will gain valuable speed endurance to improve overall performance in distance events as well. Cross Country training plans will be provided to anyone interested. Meets and road races are available to anyone who would like to compete during the fall months. Fall training is a GREAT way to stay in shape without overtraining and continue your progression in all sports! Seasonal details are as follows:

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2024 Season Dates

Mid-September to


(end date dependent on cold weather)

Practice Times

10am Saturdays and Sundays

(lasting approximately 1 hour)

Additional workouts will be provided by the coaches for non-practice days.

Practice Location

Fee & Eligibility

2024 fee to post by June

Ages 9 (4th grade) and older


Contact us for special exceptions if younger than 9


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