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Mission, Values and Goals

To accomplish our mission, we hold to the following core values and philosophies:​

To speak and act responsibly and with accountability.


To embody the diversity found in track and field, and the unity it inherently builds.


To rise above adversity and ally with those in need. 


To promote a bond between athlete/family/team/community.


To foster positive habits which promote good sportsmanship, pride, dedication, respect, cooperation, caring and understanding of others.


To promote healthy lifestyles and habits by educating members in the importance of fitness, proper nutrition, rest, sleep, and responsible civil/social choices.


To help develop the skill levels of each athlete so that they can compete in confidence both locally and beyond.


To help athletes understand both the mental and physical values and benefits resulting from goal setting, boundary exploration, focus, sacrifice, competition, teamwork and fair play.


To help members use the benefits gained from their work as athletes in their lives as students, siblings, sons/daughters, neighbors and in the community at large.


To build confidence in one’s self and trust in and with family members, coaches, teachers, teammates and others.


To insure all members understand the meaning of commitment, sacrifice and a positive attitude in achieving individual and team goals.


To support the work of other organizations such as USATF and NSAF in achieving local and national goals.

To support our mission, we operate with the following goals:​

Recruit and retain board members with the interest and expertise that supports the Minnesota Flyers (MNF) mission statement.


Recruit and retain quality coaching and supporting staff who can promote and help MNF achieve its mission statement.


Offer coaching/mentoring/ training which promotes teamwork, self esteem, and skill development while demonstrating the relationship of member training to their goal setting and achievement.


Create a training environment which promotes both individual and team success in reaching and exceeding set goals.


Teach members how to appropriately respond to both success and failure in achieving individual and team goals.


Make members aware of both the opportunity and responsibilities they assume in representing their community, their family, their teammates, their sport, and themselves in all MNF sponsored events and activities and beyond.


Help design, monitor and evaluate all club activities to insure they are compatible with the individual’s physical and mental well being as well as their ongoing development.


Develop and refine individual and team training programs which teach/instruct techniques in running, jumping and throwing that are age and experience appropriate.


Support the development of other sports and the healthy well-being of multi-sport athletes through the transferable skills offered by track and field.


Promote the Club as a positive resource for the larger community beyond its former, current and potential members.


Strive for excellence in our words, actions, and beliefs.

To build successful futures and actualize lifetime aspirations by promoting health, fitness, confidence, motivation, education, life skill development, teamwork, and friendship in an engaging, supportive, and inspirational athletic environment that embraces unity among all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, language, religion, orientation, or gender.

Our core values, philosophies, and goals are founded on respect, the unhindered pursuit of continuous development, leadership, excellence, discovery and unity. Every member is expected to uphold these values through self-discipline, honesty, integrity, fairness, hard work and respect toward self, each other, and community.

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