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Minnesota Flyers Track & Field practices in the west metro, and includes athletes and coaches from across Minnesota, the Twin Cities, and the greater metro area schools.  The Flyers look is inspired by the colors of the Minnesota flag to align ourselves with the PRIDE we take in representing our state and the common colors under which ALL Flyer athletes come TOGETHER!  Originally named Park Flyers, Minnesota Flyers was introduced to the metro area in 2009 and quickly became one of the leading track and field programs in Minnesota and the surrounding states.  We have established a tradition of excellence by providing athletes high-quality coaching and instruction in a fun, all-inclusive environment while encouraging members to achieve personal and team goals.

MNF focuses on athletic development using proper mechanics, technique, and form in age and skill-appropriate formats.  Our track and field and cross-country programs are designed to advance running and field event skills for those looking to begin or learn more about the sport, bolster existing track and field and/or cross-country careers, compliment another sport, or simply gain a higher level of fitness.  The Flyers Performance Strength program provides substantial and measurable increases in athletic performance.  MNF programs are open to all ages, beginner through elite athlete, and are a fun, dynamic way to strengthen overall comprehension, fitness, and athletic skill for all! 

MNF offers elite and ODP training if you're interested in continuing track and field beyond high school or taking your career to the highest levels, and general track and field training if you are just beginning, participating to enhance another sport, or simply looking to learn something new in a positive and energetic environment!  We encourage athletes to explore their boundaries through age and skill-appropriate strategies that teach fundamental form and mechanics to fine-tune technique needed in individual events and positions in other sports.

Our belief in building a strong team relationship while encouraging individual goals helps athletes of all ages bring a positive, confident attitude to any sport.  Plus our high retention rate means strong, lasting friendships that span across schools, colleges, jobs, even continents!

MNF is more than track and field!  We care about you and how this sport can positively impact your lifestyle.  Our members learn the importance of proper exercise, nutrition, and rest habits to build healthy minds and bodies, and consistently emphasize these habits - even providing food at track meets to ensure everyone's needs are met.  We motivate and inspire our athletes to perceive themselves through "the mind of a champion" to develop positive personal outlook and goals.  We emphasize the need to be the "complete student-athlete" to our youth members, especially if you're looking to do collegiate track, and provide academic support through study groups, tutors, ACT/SAT test prep, and additional course work when needed.  And we build strong character and citizenship by offering volunteer opportunities that help our adult members stay engaged with community, and provide our youth education in social awareness through acts of compassion, kindness and caring toward others.

Graduates of the Flyers have gone on as scholarship athletes to college, have taken their success in the sport to new levels, experienced greater success in other sports programs, or simply had a great time learning everything this sport has to offer.

MNF's experienced, knowledgeable, and positive approach to your athletic and character development offers everyone of all ages and skill levels, an engaging, fun, and dynamic environment to become your very best whether on the track, in the classroom, on the job, or simply living life!  Join us and experience an inspiring and fun track and field program because...

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