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2023 Youth Outdoor Track and Field

Final registration deadline is 6pm Wednesday June 14


Minnesota Flyers Track & Field hosts two competitive seasons of track and field each year: the Outdoor season below, and an Indoor Season January-March. We also offer spring and fall non-competitive training sessions for athletes interested in continuing their fitness and skills. The Flyers coaching staff provides coaching for all events in an age-appropriate and skill-based training format for youth of all ages, and as an ODP, we automatically offer comprehensive training for elite athletes. Additionally, because strength is critical in order to be a successful and injury-free athlete, our year-round Performance Strength training offers athletes grades 8+ the opportunity to perform at your best, reduce risk of injury, and maximize your potential for and during any sport. Visit our Performance Strength page for details!

Looking to advance your athletic career beyond high school? Numerous collegiate, professional, and even Olympic athletes began their careers with the Flyers and experienced much-recruiting success with us through the USATF Junior Olympics!

Summer track is a great way to set new goals, try new events and distances, and/or give multi-events such as the Pentathlon, Heptathlon, or Decathlon a try! Plus our captains organize many fun team-bonding events making all your hard work and effort a fun team experience for all ages and experience levels!

Current registrants looking for season information can find those details by logging into your team site account here.

Full team schedule is available to registered members.

Find information on our youth levels here:

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  You must be registered AND AFFILIATED with our team prior to the Association level meet deadline to participate in the Junior Olympic series. Make sure to register early to avoid conflicts and to be eligible for Junior Olympic competition!



"Incomparable, next level results. The Flyers prepared me for college and beyond. I'm grateful and humbled. I would not have realized my dreams in this sport without them!" ~JF


All athletes entering grades 7-12 plus current year high school graduates (generally ages 12- 18) May also be appropriate for highly competitive younger athletes.


Athletes are offered a focused training format to develop skill levels and enhance the competitive edge. Elite/ODP development is automatically included in our competitive structure and participation in meets is expected. For those interested in track beyond high school, MNF enjoys relationships with a nationwide network of college coaches and continues to produce numerous MSHSL, USATF** Junior Olympic, and NCAA champions and place winners, Olympians, professional athletes, and collegiate scholarships. You WILL progress in this sport through our competitive level. 

Season Information:

  • 6:30-8 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri, May 15 - Aug 1*

  • Armstrong High School

  • Meets found on our public calendar HERE

  • Practice attendance is highly encouraged due to the progressive nature of this sport and expected for those on relays.

Fee: $400

Includes performance t-shirt, USATF membership, full track time, local meet entry, & uniform



"We've been with 3 different teams and finally found a home. My child has come out of her shell, made friends, traveled the nation, and discovered a sport that will bring her a lifetime of joy!" ~NH


Athletes entering grades 4-5 this fall with prior experience, and all athletes entering 6th grade this fall (generally ages 9-11)


MNF provides a structured yet fun, age-appropriate "learning to train" format designed for young athletes entering grades 4-5 who have prior experience with us or greater experience in other competitive sports, and youth entering grade 6 who are new to track and field. Local meet participation is expected, and emerging elite development applied to the training format where appropriate. Movement from Developmental to Intermediate or Intermediate to Competitive is common during the season.

Season Information:

  • 6:30-8 pm Mondays & Thursdays, May 15 - Aug 1

  • Armstrong High School

  • Meets found on our public calendar HERE

  • Practice attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged due to the progressive nature of this sport. There will be a practice expectation for those on relays.

Fee: $350

Includes performance t-shirt, USATF membership, additional track time, local meet entry, & uniform


Developmental - CLOSED

"A truly exceptional coaching staff. My son has learned so much about this sport and his capabilities while having FUN. He can't wait for practice. It's the highlight of his week!" ~MR


Beginners entering grades K-5 this fall (generally ages 5-10). Beginners entering 6th grade must register for Intermediate.


MNF's knowledgeable and positive approach to youth athletic development offers children an engaging, fun, and dynamic way to learn about the sport of track and field. Practices are designed using a "learn by doing" format and meets are encouraged but not mandatory. To encourage development toward meets, we host 3-4 inter-club "mini-meets" throughout the season. (Athletes entering grades 4-5 who have previous experience with us are invited to consider our Intermediate level.) Our Developmental tends to fill fast so register early to ensure enrollment!

Season Information:

  • 6-7 pm Mondays & Thursdays, May 15 - Aug 1

  • Armstrong High School

  • Meets found on our public calendar HERE

  • Practice attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged due to the progressive nature of this sport. There will be a practice expectation for those on relays.

Fee: $200 (CLOSED - join waiting list HERE)

Includes performance t-shirt & USATF membership

Limited financial aid is available. If you are in need of assistance affording this season's fees, please register first then find instructions and application link at the end of the registration form.

Quick FAQ's:

  • Practice schedule excludes holidays, severe weather cancellations, and unexpected facility closures.

  • Junior Olympic meet interest? MNF has team room blocks in place in LaCrosse and Eugene and will provide details to registered members. Qualifiers are encouraged to consider the USATF** Region and National level meets to broaden experience, perspectives, and collegiate opportunities. We are proud to hold the highest advancement rate in our association's Junior Olympic series!!

  • Attendance questions? Practices are not mandatory, but attending as many as possible is encouraged since this is such a progressive sport. There is an attendance expectation for relay members. The same applies to meet attendance.

  • Looking for team-specific information? To protect the privacy and safety of our youth athletes, complete details regarding our season are accessible to registered members on the team app or team site.

  • Parent meetings will be held early May and the first week of June. Attendance at one meeting by one parent is mandatory as there is much information to cover regarding the outdoor season.

  • A secured volunteer policy is in effect and is an integral part of our program.

  • Existing USATF membership that you need to affiliate with our program? Please Log in to your USATF profile and request an affiliation change in your profile details. We can no longer process affiliation changes at the club level so we recommend you submit your request in a timely manner as all change requests go through an approval process that can take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks (which can also affect Junior Olympic eligibility).

*4 day/week practices begin the first week of June - complete details are on the team calendar.

**USATF is America's premiere track and field organization.

Questions regarding the season are welcome at


Important note for anyone planning to participate in USATF JO's: The USATF MN Association Junior Olympic Championship is held annually on the weekend following the MSHSL Boys & Girls State High School Meet. Please plan vacations and participation in other events accordingly. You must compete in the Association JO meet to qualify to advance to Regions and Nationals unless you meet one of the Rule 300 waiver requirements.

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