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Volunteer Policy & Events

(Effective Summer Season Only)

As part of the Flyers effort to keep our fees as low as possible as well as provide organized, well-managed, and therefore fun events, the program implements a Volunteer Policy requiring a minimum of 5 hours secured volunteer service per family as outlined in your registration terms.  This security is returned or destroyed at your request upon completion of the hours.  Our track meets and various health and wellness events cannot operate without the help of our parents and families.  You are the essential link to the success of these events!  And no prior experience is necessary - we help you through everything!

We ask member(s) from each family to plan to volunteer for shifts at one or more of our many events throughout the summer.  Family members can include athletes, friends, and older children as well!

Thank you for your support of Minnesota Flyers Track and Field!


Please select an event from the list

(there are no current volunteer events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Links will be reopened when we're able to begin congregating in large groups again)

Questions regarding volunteer shifts, opportunities, changes, technical or registration issues, etc., may be directed to president@minnesotaflyers.com.  Thank you!

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