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Youth Track & Field

Minnesota Flyers Track & Field hosts two separate seasons of track and field training and competition each year: Indoor Season January-March, and Outdoor Season May-July (with an optional pre-season beginning March or April), and a fall non-competitive training session for athletes interested in continuing their fitness and skills.  We provide appropriate age and skill-based training for elementary, junior high, senior high, inclusive, and

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open/masters athletes.  As an ODP, the Flyers coaching staff also offers training for elite athletes.  Information specific to Platinum and Inclusive training within these seasons can be found under the individual program tabs.

The Flyers offer youth members three participation levels to serve different ages and skill development:

  • Developmental (Kindergarten through 5th grade): MNF's knowledgeable and positive approach to youth athletic development offers children an engaging, fun, and dynamic way to learn about the sport of track and field.  Practices are designed in a "learn by doing" format and meets are encouraged but not mandatory.

  • Intermediate (Elementary athletes grades 4-5) provides age-appropriate "learning to train" structured workouts designed for young athletes who have existing experience, advanced skills, or need more challenge.  Participation in local meets is expected.  Individuals who are further advanced may join Competitive if coaches agree it would be appropriate.

  • Competitive (6th grade through 12th grade) offers a focused training structure to develop skill levels and enhance the competitive edge; elite development is automatically included in our competitive structure. Participation in local meets is expected.

Strength is critical in order to be a successful and injury-free athlete.  Our year-round Performance Strength Program offers athletes ages 12+ the opportunity to perform at your best, reduce risk of injury, and maximize your potential for and during any sport.  Individuals who register for our indoor season Competitive level and are at least 12 years of age are automatically included in our Performance Strength program at no additional fee.  There is a $55 fee for Competitive registrants new during the outdoor season to cover the cost of facility usage.  This is an annual fee and allows you to access all our strength sessions throughout the year.

Continue below for general season details, or go directly to registration here:

Important note for anyone planning to participate in USATF JO's: The USATF MN Association Junior Olympic Championship is held annually on the weekend following the MSHSL Boys & Girls State High School Meet (click for next year's dates).  Please plan vacations and participation in other events accordingly.  USATF will not allow athletes to waiver to the USATF Region 8 Junior Olympic meet for choosing to attend other sporting events during the same dates as the Association JO meet regardless of the level of play or location of the event.  (Per rule 306, elite level play and/or national competition in another sport that occurs the same dates as the Association JO meet does not qualify as an "extraordinary circumstance" to allow a waiver to Regions.)  You must compete in the Association JO meet to qualify to advance to Regions and Nationals unless you meet one of the waiver requirements.


Indoor Season

Our indoor season provides the opportunity for athletes to continue refining the technique, mechanics, and fundamentals needed for all track and field events and/or gain fitness for other sports.  Indoor track is also a fun and beneficial way to learn the value of off-season training while complementing your other winter activities. It has become a favorite of athletes preparing for spring sports and registration always fills early

Season Duration: Early January through mid-March

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Practice Schedule:

Dates/times are posted seasonally under the appropriate Registration tab. The following is general information:

Developmental: 1 night/week*

Intermediate: 2 nights/week* 

Competitive: 2-4 nights/week*

Inclusive: 1-2 nights/week*


Locations: Lindbergh Center & Hopkins North Junior High, Minnetonka, MN

Meet Entry Fees: Typically $15, not included in MN Flyers program registration.  Indoor meets are optional as many households have weekend activities that conflict with the meet days.  Entry fees are therefore not included in our program registration.  We host several mini-meets during practice for the developmental group. Younger Flyers looking to ease into their meet experience are welcome to give the mini-meets a try in addition to or in place of the regular indoor meets.  There are a couple national level acceptance-only meets we attend for varsity age athletes in which travel expense is required - we provide complete details at the beginning of each season regarding these meets.

*excluding holidays and facility closures 

Outdoor Season

Summer track is a great way to set new goals, try new events and race distances, and/or become a multi-event athlete such as Pentathlete, Heptathlete, or Decathlete!  We are a complete track and field program offering coaching in all event areas of the sport.  Many athletes looking to advance their athletic career beyond high school have experienced much-recruiting success through USATF Junior Olympics during the summer track season, and numerous MNF Alumni are currently in or have graduated from collegiate athletics.  We travel annually for advancement within the USATF Junior Olympic, Adaptive Sports, and USATF Open/Masters championships series (travel is optional)

Season Duration:  Preseason begins March or April, Regular season begins mid-May and ends Early August

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Practice Schedule:

Dates/times are posted seasonally under the appropriate season details tab. General information is:

Developmental: 2 nights/week

Intermediate: 2-4 nights/week

Competitive: 2-4 nights/week

Inclusive: 1-2 nights/week


Location: Posted seasonally under specific season details

Meet Entry Fees: Vary from ~$5-25+ depending on meet level and location.  Entry fees for local meets are NOT included with Competitive MN Flyers program registration this season as they are not yet established.  Meets are optional at the Dev/Interm levels as many households have schedules that conflict with meets, and the MN Flyers also choose to focus on the healthy psychological development of young athletes in this sport.  We therefore host several mini-meets during practice throughout the season and welcome younger Flyers to ease into their meet experience by participating in our mini-meets in addition to or in place of the scheduled outdoor meets.  Traveling meets are also optional at the Competitive level due to the additional expense involved, but provided up front to help plan travel and budgeting expenses for those interested in travel and/or advancing through the Junior Olympic series during the season.

*excluding holidays and facility closures 

For open registrations, season-specific details, and information on individual programs, please visit the appropriate Registration and/or Program page in the tabs above.


Existing USATF Members new to Minnesota Flyers and wishing to affiliate their membership with our program can do so by logging into your USATF account and changing your affiliation in your profile. We are unable to process affiliations at the club level.  Athletes will not show on our USATF or Athletic.net rosters until the change of affiliation request is made.  Questions or difficulties changing affiliation can be sent to office@usatfmn.org.  Thank you!