Information to Start the Season

Welcome to the Flyers! We're excited to be training with you this season!! The following summarizes important information and procedures to better acquaint you with our program and provides key details needed to navigate the season.

Please take a moment to also acquaint yourself with the other topics to have a full understanding of our program and where to find information.



Track & Field is unlike any other sport so communication is key to a successful season. In order to facilitate effective communication and an organized season, we ask that you do the following to help us help you :)

  1. Save this team page to your browser favorites and check in often

  2. Familiarize yourself with the team schedule and for those interested in competition, the meets posted to the schedule

  3. Download the Spaces by Wix app and add "Minnesota Flyers Track & Field" (code LETSFLY) to your sites for up to the minute information and the best way to communicate with us. DON'T FORGET TO ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS! (this is now the ONLY area we'll post announcements such as weather-related cancellations and other critical notifications)

  4. iPhone HERE

  5. Android HERE

  6. Review the General Season Information below and familiarize yourself with the other Team Information topics

  7. Open any emails received directly from us - we only send communication when it’s critical or there is important information to provide

  8. We DO NOT share or sell your information


Like weather-related practice or meet changes, deadline reminders, etc. will be posted to the team app no later than 1.5 hours prior to the start of the event. Please check the posts daily before leaving for practice/meets to ensure there are no changes.

Please make sure to scroll through all recent announcements as there are times we post important details in multiple posts.


Our complete schedule including meets, practices, and other events is available in the Team Schedule topic area on the team home page.

Note: the calendar includes all Flyers programs and levels, so you need