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2020 Cross Country Registration

Participant Information


Parent/Guardian Information

Registrant Medical/Emergency Contact Information

Policies and Waivers

***NEW***  Pandemic Behavioral Policy

In compliance with Government group gathering regulations and in order to conduct this Minnesota Flyers activity in a safe, effective manner that protects the health, safety, and well being of all registrants, coaches, and public at large, the following behavior standards must be met and maintained throughout the duration of this activity season:

  1.  Masks must be worn at all times and may only be removed once practice has officially begun.  COACHES WILL INSTRUCT PARTICIPANTS ON WHEN TO REMOVE AND DON MASKS.

  2. Participants will distance themselves 6 or more feet away from other participants, the coaches, and other public in the area at all times unless in motion actively practicing/running during the workout.

  3. Participants will not touch others or their belongings, use another's water bottle, share equipment or food, or in any way physically contact any other person or belonging other than their own in order to prevent risk of contamination of self or others.

  4. Participants will remain in control of their actions and refrain from hugging, roughhousing, or any other "playful" physical contact that can occur among friends and/or teammates.

Any deviation from this policy can place participants, coaches, and nearby public at risk.  MNF recognizes the social nature and tendencies in children, and as such will make every effort to educate participants should coaches see participants within reason forgetting these rules.  We will also involve the assistance of any participant's family to help correct any behaviors that violate this policy.  If actions that violate this policy go beyond reasonable forgetfulness or treat it negligently, the participant in violation will be removed from the program to protect the health and safety of all others.

We appreciate each participant's respectful compliance to these rules in order to conduct this season safely and effectively.

Age Verification - Mandatory Per USATF Rules of Fair Competition

AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED ***If you were previously age-verified with us please ignore this section.***

All registrants must be age verified per USATF mandatory policy to ensure fair play and competition, and eliminate age entry abuse for the purpose of age group advancement in track and field meets. Therefore, only age verified athletes will be eligible to participate in meets. In order to meet entry deadlines, age verification must be submitted BEFORE June 9, 2020. Please upload a copy here, send via email to, or bring to practice where we will take a picture. Acceptable forms of age verification include a copy of your or your child's Birth Certificate, Driver's License, Passport, or other government-issued ID. Must be government-issued, school ID will not be accepted by USATF or AAU. Thank you for your understanding and helping us to submit timely age verifications for our Flyers!

Upload Age Verification Document Image


The following is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Please read the entire release and indicate your agreement by checking the box below it.

I hereby agree to allow my child(ren), and/or myself to voluntarily participate in said named Minnesota Flyers Track and Field activity and authorize Minnesota Flyers Track and Field, Inc., to process my payment electronically.

I confirm that I and the registrant have read, understand, and agree to the Athlete Code of Conduct, Parent Code of Conduct, Volunteer Policy, Pole Vault Policy (for age appropriate registrants) and Age Verification Request as available for viewing and download on our website, and if I will be participating in the Performance Strength Training program that I have reviewed the Gym Rules and Etiquette as posted on our website in our 
policies page.


I further understand that under the guidance and supervision of only Minnesota Flyers coaches, workouts will be conducted in the parks and neighborhoods surrounding the practice facilities for the purposes of quality training and preservation of physical health. The registrant and I also agree to abide by the rules of Minnesota Flyers Track and Field, USATF, AAU, ISD #270, ISD #283, the Cities of St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, and Hopkins, and their affiliated organizations and/or sponsors.  


PANDEMIC-SPECIFIC I recognize that government guidelines and regulations modify a "typical" practice/gathering and agree to abide by the behavioral policy as outlined above in this registration form.  Said registrant and I understand this policy is in effect to preserve the health of all participants involved, and furthermore understand should registrant violate the behavioral policy immediate action will be taken to education and/or remove registrant from the vicinity in order to protect the health of the coaches and other registrants in this program, and public at large if applicable.  There will be no refund provided for any individual removed from the program due to violation of the behavior policy.


Furthermore, I understand that coaches may identify other/additional health risks and either call practice early or cancel it in advance.  In such cases, coaches will make every attempt to provide an alternative practice plan by posting it to our page or via another digital means such as text, email, or group message.

Assumption of Risk: I hereby, for myself and my heirs, release, discharge, and waive any and all rights and claims for damages, and/or otherwise indemnify Minnesota Flyers Track and Field Inc., its above named affiliated organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel, including any facilities and equipment utilized for the program, as a result of the registrant’s participation in the program and/or for any and all injuries from whatever cause suffered by the above participation in Minnesota Flyers Track and Field activities.

I understand if I choose to meet in person with a coach and/or group that Minnesota Flyers Track and Field Inc., its above named affiliated organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel are not liable for any illness, accident, injury, or other emergency. In the event of sudden illness, accident, injury, or other emergency which may occur while said participant is engaged in an activity supervised by Minnesota Flyers Track and Field, the staff has my permission and consent to use their judgment as deemed necessary under the circumstances by Minnesota Flyers Staff with regard to medical treatment including transportation and care by a duly licensed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry which I hereby authorize until I can be contacted, and I release and hold harmless any member of the Minnesota Flyers Track and Field organization, the Cities of Minnetonka, Hopkins, and St. Louis Park, Lindbergh Center, ISD #283,  ISD #270, and/or any of their affiliates or sponsors.  

Pictures and videos taken of participants enjoying Minnesota Flyers Track and Field activities are often used for program promotion and teaching.  I hereby grant permission to use media and quotes of registrant(s) for these purposes.  


Digital Rights Agreement: Any materials provided either digitally or virtually are the intellectual property of Minnesota Flyers coaches and staff. Material is to be used for training purposes of said registrant only; any other use is prohibited and content may not be copied, shared, published or in any way reproduced.  

Participation Policy: I understand registration fees must be paid in full or through established payment plan via the designated electronic payment system prior to the first day of my registered training session and/or access digital training content in order for my child(ren), and/or myself to participate.  

Cancellation Policy: Due to the nature of this season, I understand that there will be no registration cancellation for the 2020 cross country season. 

Thank you for registering for our 2020 cross country season! If you don't see a welcome/registration confirmation message in your inbox or spam, please email See you on the course!

Good health and education are lifelong habits we take seriously. Please help us continue our journey to support the nutritional needs, education, fitness, and wellness of our youth because 

“It takes a village to raise a child,” an adage we take to heart.


The Flyers are home to families from a large socio, cultural, and economic demographic who struggle to support their basic needs and ability to achieve in school and sport. We offer needed assistance for nutrition, clothing, and education through the funds built by donations. Your contribution allows youth the chance to grow, develop, educate, and create a future. Because of your help, 100% of our student-athletes graduate high school and 98% go to college within their first year of graduation - many as first-generation college students, and most in track and field/cross-country contributing to life-long healthy lifestyles and positive citizenship.


Our village appreciates your generosity!!

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